Regardless of whether you get a tip top group in the NBA draft

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Regardless of whether you get a tip top group in the NBA draft
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There are 80 badges available in NBA 2k22 that fall into four different categories 2K MT. The four categories are Shooting Finishingand Playmaking, as well as defense/rebounding. Each player will require different badges to maximise their potential, these are the most appropriate badges to pick from in each of the four categories.

Deadeye - Shots taken while the defender is closing out receive a lesser penalty in a shoot-off. Sniper - Shots taken with slightly delayed or slightly early timing will receive a boost, in contrast, shots that are late or early will receive a bigger penalty.

Green Machine - This badge offers the player a greater chance of obtaining Perfect release or Outstanding, when the player consistently hits excellent releases. Blinders: Jump shots that are taken in the presence of defenders that are closing in their peripheral vision will receive a lesser penalty.

Posterizer increases the likelihood of hitting one on the player's opponent during NBA 2k22. Slithery Finisher - Enhances a player's ability to slide through the crowd without causing contact gathers and Buy 2K22 MT finishes near the rim.